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This Dishwasher tablets are also plant based and are awesome at cleaning your dishes until they shine. 


60 Tablets

Clean dishes in a snap

The power of plants can get your dishes cleaner than ever before! It’s so easy, and it’s better for you and the planet. New and improved Automatic Dish Tablets have 15% more cleaning power than our previous tablets. Yet, over 90% of the formula is derived from plants and minerals in this easy-to-use tablet that cleans your family’s dishes in a snap! The wrapper dissolves quickly in water; just pop the entire wrapped tablet in the dishwasher with no mess. The naturally derived cleansers get right to work, powering away grease, stains and stuck-on food! It’s an easy choice for your family and it’s better for the environment.

  • Improved plant-based formula has 15% better cleaning power than previous tablets.
  • Powered by oxygen and naturally derived cleansers.
  • Leaves dishes free of grease, stuck-on food, film and spots.
  • Phosphate, chlorine, fragrance, dye and boron free.
  • Plant-based formula is safer for the environment.

Automatic Dish Tablets

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