• Crystal Boyers

Spring 2019 is coming soon

Hello to all my blog followers, I know I have not posted in a while but that is changing soon. Derek and I have put a social media calendar together to help us keep up with all our posts and what not lol

Either way we are underway with our new spring cleaning package which begins on March 15 and ends on April 30. We are excited to bring it back after its third year. We had huge success with it last year and are hoping it picks up soon with appointments for this year. The package is 200.00 flat rate for a house of 2200 square feet or less. If the square footage goes beyond 2200 is will be 50.00 more up to 4000 and then more 50.00 more beyond that. If interested you can contact me if you would like more details.

Tennis has started for my senior this year, Heather is a captain and so excited for her last year of high school tennis. Brandon will start Golf in a few months and we look forward to his progress this year. Derek and I are busy with TTS trying to keep all our changes in line. We are looking forward to what our busy season will bring.

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