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Hello to all I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and that everyone is safe after Hurricane Florence hit us. Our family made it through and we are glad we did.

I am really not good at this blog thing but I am working on it. TTS is still growing and serving our clients. We are now at 33 reoccurring clients, 2 commercial contracts, 2 Airbnb contracts, and 17 as needed clients. We are in the process of acquiring two more Airbnb contracts, proposals are in and now the waiting game.

The Boyers family again has soccer and golf lessons and tennis starting soon , so sports are on a roll here in the Boyers household. Also all our fall excursions and decorating and pictures whew what a

We have a senior among us now and so many things to do but it is exciting in its own way. Also sad too knowing my oldest is on her own in less than a year it is really something to think about and try to prepare for. Moms just have to do their best. Toasting to a good rest of the year!!

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