• Crystal Boyers


Everyone in the Boyers household is gearing up for our busy season beginning. Heather started tennis, Jessey starting soccer in April and Brandon will be starting Golf next week. Now we have sports, concerts, family events and spring cleaning beginning in the household. We are definitely going to be busy but we will manage as we always do.

We are also very proud to say we have partnered with Packsaddle Golf Course in advertising. We have an ad on their brand new scorecard for their players. We are excited to see where it will take us and how busy we will get. That third team we are wanting to start may come quicker then we think. Also received an offer from Lakeview Golf Course, still thinking about that one to see if we can manage.

We have also booked our cruise to Cozumel and Honduras in June, we are so excited for that cruise. We have started a redecorating stage in our home to get ready for inspection in May. We have completed the master bedroom, Jessey's Bedroom, and the dining room. We are almost finished with our sunroom, Heathers room, and Living room. Only ones left are bathrooms and Brandons bedroom. We love the new designs and are looking forward to the finished product.

Either way we are doing well and are looking forward to the future!!!


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