• Crystal Boyers

Can't wait till spring!

Time to Shine is doing well and we are surviving the slow season. We have had to cancel and had a few cancellations but terrible.

The kids are getting cabin fever so I threw them outside this

I am getting the winter blahs myself but not going to give up yet. We are using this time to grow our business because when March hits it will be big. I cant wait till spring.

We have added all testimonials to our website and added a few clients also so not a bad week so far.

We have started a few ads and have had a few referrals so interest is there for clients not waiting on commitment.

Either way my kids cant wait till sports season starts but this mom can wait...uggg

Carpools, quick dinners, games, concerts, golf lessons, quick snacks, etc

Hope everyone is rested up after the holidays and are enjoying the new year! Make sure you do something good this year and reach a goal. The sky is the limit make it happen!!

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