• Crystal Boyers

School in Session

Kids are enjoying their new school, Bluestone is a beautiful school and kids are loving the space, just not the

Jessey has come home a little tired and hungry but still seems to enjoy her day. Mr. Nolley has asked for her to join the Bluestone Singers and she still wont give him an answer, haha my little girl she is not one to sing in front of people but it would still be a good thing for her if she tried It I think.

Brandon comes home tired but ready to be home, he likes it but when it takes time away from Mom and Dad he aint He is such a little homebody and loves being in the house playing his game or playing with his cars.

Heather is Heather still keeping herself busy and hanging with her friends just what every 16 year old should do I guess. She had her first student ambassador meeting for the year this week and is practicing her honors choir songs for her concert in October. She is in drivers ed this year and may be driving herself to school maybe beginning of 2018. Wow where has the time gone.

Time to Shine is doing well, we have 16 clients now and just this week we have had 6 houses and next week we are looking at 8 and after that 10 a week. Time to Shine doing great thanks to clients referrals and a website I found for leads called

Keep staying awesome guys and will write again.

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