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Back to School!!!

Kids are going back to school and they are so excited, my baby girl will be a 5th grader at the new Bluestone Elementary and my baby boy will be a 1st grader at Bluestone also. That school is beautiful and I am very Impressed with it. My babies are so excited to go to a new school and I would have loved to have a school like that when I was in Elementary school and I joke about going back to elementary school again just to attend the school. You all should check it out one day, it is a beautiful addition to the valley.

My oldest is a junior in Harrisonburg High school this year, man how time flies and your babies grow up so fast. :(

We are excited for what our families year will be like the rest of the year. TTS is growing, my babies in a new school and my oldest getting ready to start her junior year of high school. Hope all your children have a great year and stay safe!!

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