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So I have done some research and found out that our prices are lower then most and our packages are good. Clients like to do price quotes which I understand, however from checking around for different rates. I have found that we charge less and give clients more choices. I feel like this is a good thing to have, i consider my clients friends and as a business we have to charge rates that allow us to make a profit and pay my employees, and also give our clients the best service possible.

However another choice is finding a specific person to clean their house and it might be cheaper. If you hire a single person, they will probably charge an hourly rate. That hourly rate will be anywhere from 15-45 an hour and our hourly package is 35.00 an hour which is almost the same difference as hiring a single person to clean your house.

If you look up average rates and do research like i did, hourly rates as i said above, flat rates are 95-250 a day depending on the project, or 10-25.00 per room cleaning.

So TTS charges 35.00 an hour for hourly package which is the average, TTS charges 15.00 per room cleaning which is in the average, and TTS charges a flat fee starting at 75.00 for basic to 175.00 for move in move out cleanings, which is also average.

So when i give potential clients quotes they hear 75.00 and run or 35.00 an hour and run. But if they do their research and want to hire a legitimate company to clean, they will notice that TTS is one of the cheapest in town and we treat our clients as friends not numbers. I have three clients whom I could call right now and they would tell you all the wonderful things about TTS. Because our clients are friends not numbers.

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