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Family Update

Just wanted to stop by and give everyone a family update and TTS update. So Heather is getting ready to turn 16 and getting ready to get her drivers license, i am not sure how I feel about it but its coming and I have to deal. She is now doing auditions on the side, she will be in Honors Choir next year (her biggest goal in High School) and i am beyond proud of her. She is finally enjoying life instead of stuck in class, books and the house all day. I have to say she has come a long way this year and I am so proud of her.

Jessey is doing so much better in school and she is finally opening up to people and talking and participating more in class. I am also beyond proud of my middle child and I know there is more to come with her in the future. She is now learning how to cook and doing an awesome job, she is a natural when it comes to cooking and I am so proud of her. She loves to draw and play games on the computer and finally has things that interest her.

Brandon, little Brandon what can I say about little Brandon, he is the kindest, sweetest and most giving child. He is doing awesome in school and is actually above his grade level. Brandon is doing so well, we are just working on patience with little Brandon because he seems to not have But he has come a long way since the beginning of the school year and again i could not be more proud. That boy is special and one day everyone will find out how including myself.

Derek and I are great as usual and just living day to day and enjoying life, Chuck is Chuck but he is getting stronger in TTS and doing well. Myrtle is doing well but getting older and you can tell but she does not let that bring her down. She is still trucking and doing well .

So family is doing awesome and TTS, well it could be better but it will get there, it will just take time and patience and hard work to get where we want to be. It is called baby steps so one baby step at a time TTS will be off the ground and that day will be a day of celebration.

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