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Slow Week! Time to....TRAIN?

That's right, it was time to train at Time to Shine. We had a slow week, so what better way to keep the team involved than by cleaning the one project we'll always have.....our own house! It was a great way to give everybody some hours this week, the house looks much better, and we got some great photos in the process!

The only kicker to the photos is that they didn't know they were getting their picture taken! Hey, there's no better picture than a natural one, right? Anyway, after all the lame jokes, here's Myrtle cleaning in the laundry area.

This one is Chuck cleaning out the bunny cages. Around here, we call him "The Poopman" so it was only natural that we made him clean the poop out of the cages lol. I'm sure the bunnies appreciated a clean cage, though.

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